On this page you can read the latest testimonials of staff who have used the Keeping Well BLMK service. 

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When a Bedford NHS staff member says she was close to resigning due to feeling overwhelmed at work, she reached out to Keeping Well.

angry-gd5459d0a9_1920.jpgThe only way I can explain it is that 'nothing was going into my brain and nothing could be recalled out of it'. I was completely numb and felt totally paralysed both mentally and physically. I honestly thought there was no going back and had succumbed to the fact that I was on a scrap heap pile for good. 

But...My Keeping Well practitioner started working with me and has literally changed my life. At the start, she took time explaining to me why the brain reacted in the way it did and as I was struggling to take information in, she took time to re-explain until she was sure I understood. 

Rita Intili, our Clinical Lead visits Bedford care service to offer support following a team bereavement. The service describes useful feedback:

team supportRita has been excellent. She has visited our team on two occasions, the first time 10 team members attended a one hour session, and during the second session we had nine team members present

It was good to have one hour, uninterrupted time with Rita to explore our feelings, our responses, our emotions, she made us feel that our emotions were normal and she took us through how we may feel in the future.

I think most of us were a little apprehensive about our time with Rita but she quickly put us at ease, encouraged us to speak, only if we felt comfortable and helped each person understand their emotions. As a team we have all spoken to each other about the sessions and all agreed that they have been really helpful. 

If you might be interested in receiving some team support, please get in touch with keepingwell.blmk@nhs.net and we will discuss with you the best support options.