Dr Rita Intili

Hello, I’m Rita. I’m a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and the Clinical Lead for Keeping Well BLMK.

I’m delighted to be a part of the Keeping Well team. For many years prior to this role I was a front-line worker, so I understand the pressures of working in the health and care sector. I know how demanding, unpredictable and reactive keyworker roles can be, and this motivated me to join the service so that I can support more of my colleagues.

I have worked in the NHS for over 25 years across a variety of settings, including hospital, community and GP surgeries. I have experience in assessing and treating adults with wide-ranging psychological difficulties of varying complexity, and specialise in working with individuals who experience interpersonal difficulties and enduring and intense emotional dysregulation. In my work, I draw upon evidence-based interventions using a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness Based Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT). Over the years I have become increasingly interested in applying CFT in response to the growing evidence of the benefits of cultivating compassion for psychological wellbeing.

I want to bring this compassionate approach into my role at Keeping Well. We all need help from time to time, and this does not detract from our competence. For a long time I have been aware of the need to develop a new culture in the health and care sector, one that recognises support for keyworkers is essential, and where staff feel safe to reach out. This has become even more pertinent due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has caused unprecedented levels of stress. Keeping Well BLMK is here to provide this safe, accessible and confidential support for key workers.

Sarah.jpgHello, I am Sarah and I am one of the Counsellors from the Keeping Well BLMK team.

I have worked in a variety of supporting roles, and I am delighted to be a part of a project that recognises the importance of individuals in the caring profession, their mental health and their overall wellbeing.

Emily A.jpgHello, my name is Emily and I am one of the Assistant Psychologists from the Keeping Well BLMK team.

I have previous experience working in supporting roles, and understand the importance of looking after ourselves especially when we look after others. I am delighted to work in this team, and look forward to helping provide compassionate support to individuals in the healthcare sector.


Imogen has worked in the communications and marketing sector for the last six years.

Imogen's role is to provide comprehensive communications and engagement support for the Keeping Well BLMK service. 

Please get in contact with Imogen if you would like to receive printed resources, learn more about our current events or offers, and sign up to our mailing list by emailing keepingwell.blmk@nhs.net