Compassion fatigue and burnout can be very common problems for key workers, but do you know what these terms mean?

In this one-day online workshop we are working with Dr Chris Irons, a leading expert and published psychologist, to look at:

  •  What compassion fatigue and burnout means and how we can spot the signs
  • The common causes of these difficulties, and how we can understand these through the lens of the three-emotion regulation system model
  • How developing compassion for ourselves can be a powerful way of regulating stress and supporting ourselves at work and in general.
Save the date to join on Wednesday 14 June 2023 10am to 4pm (a full programme of the workshop will be sent close to time of the event). Register for your place on Eventbrite.

If you have any questions about the workshop, please get in touch with the Keeping Well BLMK team at

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