The past two years have been difficult for everyone as the Covid-19 pandemic has brought unique challenges and stresses. Working longer hours, balancing home and work life, and seeing friends and colleagues become unwell may have impacted your stress, anxiety or mood.

Whatever your role and whatever your needs, Keeping Well is here to support you. We provide a safe space to speak about your struggles and wellbeing needs with a trained professional. Our practitioners can support with common mental health conditions and signpost to additional organisations, services and resources. Confidentiality is a priority so any support offered would not be discussed with line managers or Occupational Health unless there was a duty of care. Take a look at our website to see how to self-refer.

To provide specific support to local authority staff, we are running a webinar about managing stress at work. Come along to find out more about how the service can support you, and learn some tips for managing your mental health and wellbeing.

The webinars will be held on Zoom:


Tuesday 14 June, 7pm to 8pm

Meeting ID: 830 9266 7239
Passcode: 222112


Thursday 16 June, 7pm to 8pm

Meeting ID: 835 3196 5094
Passcode: 218611


If you wish to discuss something on a 1:1 basis, please get in touch to speak to one of our wellbeing professionals:

More information about the services we offer can be found at

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