We had over 139 staff members across join the first live webinar on ‘Sleep and Menopause’.

Dr Guy Meadows, Clinical Psychologist and Co-founder of Sleep School delivered a one-hour webinar on the effects menopause and hormone symptoms such as hot flushes, insomnia and restless legs has on sleep.

Watch the webinar recording by visiting the Sleep School platform (click the button below) and use the code kwblmk123

With 42% of menopausal women showing signs of insomnia, the session began with a poll asking participants to score how well they sleep at night, poll results showed over 45% responded that they ‘mostly have poor nights sleep’.

Many staff members during the session mentioned how brain fog and anxiety from having menopause has impacted their sleep most nights.

Dr Guy Meadows invited staff to think about self-kindness techniques and what they would say to a friend/colleague struggling with menopause.

If you’re looking for further resources on menopause, visit our Women’s Health page, you can also visit our page on how to improve your sleep for resources, guides and apps.

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