More than two years have passed since the UK officially announced a national lockdown in response to Covid-19. During this time, a lot has happened. Many have experienced a bereavement or loss, of family, friends, colleagues, job or even a sense of identity. Also, anxiety was prevalent in the world.

As we hoped, we have come a long way since the first lockdown. Vaccines are available; the world has opened up again as we enter a post-pandemic world termed a "New Normal".

The “New Normal”

There is no right or wrong response to the “New Normal” - some of us may be hopeful about a new beginning, whereas others may be experiencing their new normal without a loved one or adapting to their physical health symptoms caused by long Covid.

Here is a link for the booklet titled “Coping with anxious times” (English version) by Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership. It provides a reminder to all of us to prioritise our wellbeing as we navigate through a "New Normal" and includes a variety of different relaxation techniques.

Do not be discouraged if some of these techniques do not work for you but work for others. Take the time to find the techniques that work for you. Please share this link with others who may need support too.

The booklet has also been translated into other languages, find the resources using the links below:

Further Resources

The new normal has brought change for all of us. Change is inevitable and can be both positive and negative.

Mindtools have written an article on different approaches and reaction to change and how to cope with it. This article is not specific to Covid but contains helpful advice on managing change.

Radio headspace logo

We would also recommend listening to the Radio Headspace podcast: this contains bitesize episodes on how mindfulness can support managing anxiety and these podcasts are specifically aimed at navigating post-pandemic life. It is available on all streaming platforms for free. The first episode is “The New Normal”

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Updated on: 25/04/2022