Using creativity to build compassion, resilience, and vision.

The CaRE Project (Creativity, Arts, Resilience, and Engagement) is an exciting collaboration between AHPs, Psychologists and Arts Psychotherapists.

The project follows the impact of the pandemic and is creative, collaborative, and experiential focusing on the strengths of the team, clarifying roles and team priorities. After extensive piloting supported by funding from the CHSA, the project is now able to offer 10 teams a free place on the project, on a first come first served basis - online or face to face. The team will work with you to co-produce a series of workshops or an Away Day, to enable safe reflection on recent events and to create shared narratives of team experiences and aspirations. 


Here is some of the feedback from teams that have already participated:

‘The fact that there was a safe and supportive space provided by the facilitators made it incredibly easy to participate in each workshop.’

‘Hopefully this will lead to more collaboration as we bonded together as a team and recognised each other's strengths’.

‘Reflecting in such a creative way about the impact the pandemic has had on us both as individuals and as a team. It was so helpful to hear about what other members of the team felt.’

“I hope it allows all members of the team to see each other as equals despite the differences in 'Bands' and be able to share experiences and ideas more openly.”


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