The CaRE Project: Creativity, Resilience and Engagement 

The CaRE Project is a team of skilled NHS facilitators that provide workshops and away days for teams. The team provides a creative, collaborative and experiential process for healthcare teams who are at any stage of their development. Workshops are designed using arts and embodied exercises to enable safe reflection on recent events and to construct shared narratives of team experiences, roles and priorities. This project brings teams together to inspire new ways of thinking and to collectively envision and cultivate a responsive, resilient, and compassionate team culture.

Together with you, we co-produce bespoke creative experiences for teams, departments and wards online or in person. Initially we will meet with you to get a sense of your team’s unique challenges and discuss creative opportunities to meet these needs and engage the team in a reflective process. Following this meeting the workshops are delivered either in an away day or as a series of four individual workshops. A report containing the artwork and thematic reflections concludes the CaRE process as well as the possibility for follow up contact.

The CaRE Project cultivates:

  • Collective resilience
  • Strategic priorities
  • The value and roles of team members
  • Creativity
  • Connection
  • Authentic relating
  • Defining the team culture
  • Openness
  • Recovery
  • Compassion

“People's willingness to share and open up and the depth and richness of the arts engagement. It really surprised me and helped us feel connected and creative.”

Lei, Nurse Lead


“Hopefully this will lead to more collaboration as we bonded together as a team and recognised each other's strengths”

Rachel, Mental Health Support Worker


“I think it would hopefully also have led to some feeling more empowered and compassionate to those around them in the team, I know it did ignite that for me.”

Paul, Psychology Department Manager


“Everyone seemed really engaged and interacted positively with the other members of the Team.”

Mobolaji, HCA


“Yes I found this helpful, using this metaphor to explore the team. It helped me to acknowledge how separate I can feel from the team, especially working across wards.” 

Amanda, Mental Health Support Worker

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Updated on: 13/06/2022